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Dash Events & Entertainment

Your #1 Source for Wedding Djs/Day of Coordinators and Photo Booth Rental

Your #1 Source for Wedding Djs/Day of Coordinators and Photo Booth RentalYour #1 Source for Wedding Djs/Day of Coordinators and Photo Booth Rental

About Us


My name is James Dixon I’m a 48 yrs old originally born in Florida raised in Nc and hailing now from the foothills area for the last 20 years. I've always been good at a lot of different things, as my friends will tell you, I wear many hats, as one just isn’t enough for my creative energy. The one thing that was constant is that I loved music. About 10 years ago I decided to buy myself a controller because I wanted to remix music, well come to find out after all those years as a “Desktop Dj” that I was actually good. So about 5 years ago when i got up the courage I decided to try and book some gigs(fall festivals,elementary school you know small stuff). Well being the person that I am I needed progress and I had this urge to always move forward and grow, so i sat back and thought how can I make this make me money? I thought, I’m too old to be creeping around the club circuit and staying up all hours of the night BUT I could talk on a microphone and I had no fear of public speaking. So what was I to do *Ding* I could be a Wedding Dj it encompasses all the aspects that I was good at. So I booked my first wedding $75 for 3 hours, as the years went by and the Weddings were becoming more and more and I grew from that backyard wedding, I watched my little fledgling business became a full blown company that was traveling the state of NC,SC and Virginia and working in the most high end venues and country clubs. A company that could stand next to the best of them. 

Throughout the years of many weddings I began to grow antsy once again, how can I take the skills that I have and learned and use it to further grow my business? Well over the years I began to find that I was extremely organized, very timely and over several occasions more than one Bride or Groom had said to me “James Thank God you were here, you were so organized and everything ran so smooth, you should become a Wedding Coordinator”, and I thought, there it is, my next logical step, I had been doing this all along so there would be no newby mistakes and I knew exactly how to make it happen. Step 1. Create a Logo Step 2. Get a Facebook Page Step 3. Get Google Verified Step 4. Get Business Cards Step 5. Let the General Public Know You Were Open For Business. I accomplished all these things through hard work,dedication and determination. Success is only as good as the person whose trying to achieve it. 

Im so thrilled to bring you this business venture. Dash Events & Entertainment will feature services that include. Wedding/Event Planning, Wedding/Event Dj Services, Wedding/Event Hair and Make Up Services. We intend on being your #1 goto source for all your Wedding/ Event Planning needs. We take great pride at ensuring that your Wedding/Event moves along smoothly and that your every concern is taken care, through planning,creativity and hard work.

Thank you for taking time to read this bio, I think its important to know that who you are hiring is a passionate about the service they are proving for you as you are for hiring them.